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Terms of use


www.natans.gr is an e-shop for the online sale of cosmetics which was created by the Personal Company under the name ΝΑΤΑΝS /Georgakopoulou Eugenia-Dimitriou, who manages and operates it (hereinafter the “Company”). The Company has its registered office in Alimos, at 75 Ionias Avenue, GR 174 56, lawfully represented, with Vat Registration Number: 066821996, General Commercial Registry No (Γ.Ε.ΜΗ.): 146930303000 and is registered with the Tax Office of Paleo Faliro.

The e-shop NATANS.GR guarantees the maximum possible security during your purchases via the site. Reference of the following terms which govern the rights and obligations of the e-shop NATANS.GR .GR against all of you who will visit the website is made for your information, on one hand for your rights and obligations and on the other, in order to serve your needs in the most expedient manner while searching and acquiring the products you wish to buy from the e-shop NATANS.GR.

The Company reserves the right to amend or freely revise the terms and conditions of use and transactions from the e-shop, whenever it deems so expedient. It undertakes to inform consumers for any change, via the webpages of this e-shop.

Agreements via the e-shop are concluded in Greek.


The Company warrants the accuracy, truthfulness and completeness of the information set out in the e-shop, with respect to the identity of the Company and the services and transactions provided via the e-shop. In the spirit of good faith, the Company shall not be liable or bound by entries of electronic data that was performed by mistake according to common experience and sense and is entitled to proceed with the correction of such data whenever perceives the existence thereof.



The content and the information set out in the e-shop NATANS.GR may contain typographical, numerical and other errors for which the e-shop NATANS.GR shall have no liability whatsoever, reserving in parallel and in any case the right to renew the terms of use and the conditions for the conclusion of transactions, the content of information, the products and their prices, as well as the services rendered, without any prior notice.

The e-shop NATANS.GR undertakes to update the said document whenever any change is effected.

The e-shop NATANS.GR has put all possible efforts to depict as accurately as possible the products offered by the Company, while it also provides information for the components and the properties thereof. However, since the final image depends (also) on the screen of the user, it is possible that the actual image of the product is different and the e-shop NATANS.GR  shall have no responsibility for such a difference in depiction. The e-shop NATANS.GR  does in no way guarantee the completeness of the information provided or the absence of possible errors. Consequently, visitors of the e-shop NATANS.GR, when using the service of the Company at their own free will, also undertake the relevant responsibility to cross-check the information provided.

The e-shop NATANS.GR  is not liable against its customers-users for any loss that may emerge from the non-fulfillment of an order due to their default.

The e-shop NATANS.GR  is not liable for any defects or poor quality of the products offered to its customers since all products are received from the suppliers in packages and stored in suitable premises according to the instructions of the manufacturer. In case a defected product is discovered among the quantities delivered, the user reserves the right to claim the free-of-charge replacement thereof.


The shipment of your order means that:

You have read and understood the terms of this document and you irrevocably accept them.

The products are intended for use and consumption by you or the person to whom they are shipped and no further forwarding or resale thereof is permitted.

You are obligated to provide us with your accurate personal data.

You are the lawful holder of the card you use in your transactions (in case there is a different cardholder, he/she has granted his/her consent for the transaction) and the credit/debit card has not been canceled or prohibited from being used.

The e-mail you declare and use belongs to you, is accurate and active.

Your connection with the e-shop is made at your risk with respect to the possibility of any damage being incurred at your computer systems and the software thereof (virus, malware etc.), which (risk) you are fully aware of and undertake during the connection.



The whole content of this site, such as texts, graphs, logos, images, Banner, web design, are the property of the e-shop NATANS.GR and is protected by the Greek and International Legislation; the Company has obtained the necessary user license exclusively for its own needs and for the operation of the e-shop NATANS.GR.


The content and the site of the e-shop NATANS.GR, cannot be reproduced, copied, sold or resold without the written consent of the e-shop NATANS.GR.

The use of the name or the logo of any asset that belongs to the e-shop NATANS.GR cannot be used for the purposes of projection and advertisement or any exploitation of goodwill without our express written consent.



In case you choose to pay for your order with a credit card, all transactions via credit cards are effected via the secured Alpha Bank system where the protocol Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is used for secure online commercial transactions.

In this manner, all your personal information is encrypted, so as not to be readable or amended during their provision online (Internet).



The Company, who manages this e-shop, is not liable and has no liability to indemnify the users for any damage or loss than may derive from the cancellation of orders, the non-fulfillment delays in fulfillment for any reason and cause. The Company declares that it cannot guarantee the availability of the products displayed in the e-shop, but only for promptly informing the customer in case the availability of the products and services change; following the above notification, the Company shall have no further liability. The information provided in relation to the products and/or services of the e-shop is depicted “as is”. The Company is in no way liable for any loss (actual or consequential) that the visitor of the e-shop or any third party may sustain from a cause which relates to the operation or not and/or the use of the website and/or the inability for services and/or products to be rendered or offered and/or information provided by it and/or any unauthorized interventions of third parties to products and/or services and/or information offered, rendered or provided via the e-shop.



A necessary condition for transactions between you and our Company is that you communicate to us certain personal information and specifically, the absolutely necessary personal data for the fulfillment and conclusion of your order. More specifically, when you place an order, we will request your full name, the address where the products will be shipped, your telephone number (fixed) or any other number you wish to communicate to us, which will be used for your better service), your e-mail address, your Tax Identification Number and the relevant Tax Office with which you are registered, so that we may issue the necessary dispatch-note purchase voucher etc. The “shop”, in strict compliance with the personal data protection regulations provided for by the relevant laws and international conventions, will not unlawfully use such data and in any case, will not use it without your previous consent. The Company will not reveal, disclose, sell, trade your personal data and information entrusted to us. In addition, you may always proceed, if necessary, to the modification of the personal data you have communicated to us. The shop gives you the option, if you so wish, to receive ads and/or informational messages, at your e-mail or postal address. As regards the Personal Data Protection Policy and our Cookies Policy please read the respective terms, pressing the ling on personal data protection policy, cookies and Privacy Policy, which constitutes an integral part of the Terms of Use of the e-shop.



Product returns are accepted if:

  • The product is in its original condition.
  • The package of products has not been opened or unsealed.
  • The product is not dirty or altered.
  • The customer assumes the return costs and returns the product in its original condition.


Please contact our e-shop at +30 210 9924449, if the product has not been used and is accompanied by all necessary documents which prove the transaction in order to return it if the above conditions are met.


It is pointed out that in case of credit card charge, we inform the bank via which the transaction was cleared, in order to cancel it and proceed with any necessary action, in accordance with everything specified in the agreement concluded between the bank and its client and our Company has no other responsibility by to initially inform the bank for the cancellation of the transaction. If the payment was effected in cash, the customer will be refunded in our shop. If the payment was effected by wire transfer, the customer will be refunded with a reverse wire transfer from the accounts of the Company to the customer, in a bank account that the latter will provide.

In case the product delivered to you is not the right one (i.e. not what you ordered) you may contact our e-shop within five (5) days from the delivery date, either by calling us at 2109924449 or by sending an e-mail at info@natans.gr, so as to schedule the receipt of the wrong product at the costs of our e-shop NATANS.GR and to arrange the delivery of the right product that you have ordered (including the shipment costs).


Return of defective products

In case it is verified that the product is defective (e.g. altered) if the Company respectively verifies it, then the following shall apply:


The return of the product to be substituted must be performed together will all documents that accompanied the product and its package in an integral form. If it was a defect that was discovered after the delivery and there is no package or if the package of the product was received by the distributors upon the delivery of the product, then there is no need to pack it. In case a product is returned by courier, the customer shall bear the costs for the dispatch of the product to the Company, while the Company shall bear the shipment costs for the replacement product. In case the transaction is canceled, the refund of the amount of the initial order is effected in the same manner as the initial payment by the customer to the Company.

In case the products returned are incomplete, the E-shop is entitled to claim damages from the customer; the number of such damages will be determined by the condition of the products and the Company may unilaterally and without any other formality being necessary, proceed with the offsetting, in whole or in part, with the said claim against any customer’s claims.


Return of non-defective products – Customer’s right to freely rescind the purchase contract

The customer is entitled to rescind the purchase contract within a period of 14 calendar days from the date the sales contract/provision of services contract was concluded (in the case of such a contract) or from the delivery (in the case of products) and moreover, when multiple products are included in the same order, from the date the last of them was delivered, while when the delivery of the products is a mandatory obligation, at regular intervals from the delivery of the first product. Rescindment may be effected as follows:


Rescindment is unjustified and free of charge and if the product has been delivered, the customer is obligated to return the product at the condition it was when delivered to him/her, in the sealed package and with the documents accompanying it in an exceptional condition. The product return is accepted only if the buyer has settled any amount the Company paid for the shipment of the product and the shipment costs for the return of the product.

The rescindment acknowledgment is in writing and the Company is obligated to send at the e-mail communicated by the customer, confirmation of receipt of the rescindment acknowledgment, once it is received by the Company. Following the rescindment acknowledgment, the Company is obligated to reimburse the price paid to it within a period of fourteen (14) days from the date the company took delivery of the product. Extra shipment costs for delivery are not refunded if the customer had opted for a different delivery method except for the inexpensive delivery method offered by the Company.

The customer will be refunded in the same manner and means with the initial payment.

In case the rescindment concerns the provision of services, the customer is obligated to pay a reasonable amount that corresponds to the services provided in the meantime until the rescindment acknowledgment.

In case the products returned are incomplete, the Company may unilaterally and without any other formality being necessary, proceed with the offsetting, in whole or in part, with the said claim against any customer’s claims.


Exceptions from Rescindment

No rescindment may be effected in for:

Products which are not eligible for a return, for reasons of public interest and protection of health and for sanitary reasons, which have been unsealed after the delivery, including but not limited to, personal care products

Products manufactured in accordance with the specifications of the customer and clearly adjusted to the needs thereof (tailor-made products).



All transactions conducted via the e-shop NATANS.GR, are governed by the European and the Greek Law, which regulate issues that relate to e-commerce (Directive 2000/31/ΕC which was transposed into the Greek law by the P.D. 131/2003, Directive 2011/83/ΕU) and the respective international conventions, as well as the Consumer Protection Law (Law 2251/1994), as currently in force. Any dispute that may arise in relation to this e-shop will be brought before and exclusively resolved by the Courts of Athens; however, it is agreed that an amicable settlement of any dispute or controversy will be sought by the parties in the context of bona fide and transacting morals as well as that before resorting to any competent Court Authority for the purposes of initiating court proceedings, the mediation procedure shall be sought and attempted, as provided for by the provisions of the applicable legislation and as in force from time to time.


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