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About us

A few words about us….

My name is Eugenia Georgakopoulos and I am the founder of Natans.

After twenty years of engaging in natural products (from natural cosmetics to herbal preparations & homeopathic remedies) and in combination with my knowledge as an agronomist graduate, I decided to create my own space where I can promote natural cosmetics.

A simple, warm and natural place with emphasis on respect to the consumer. My motivation and inspiration stems from my great love and faith towards the ability of nature’s products to offer health, beauty and well-being!

A wide variety of products are waiting for you at Natans!

Based mainly on the rich Mediterranean flora and produced by Greek companies. Products are selected with a great deal of care at an affordable price, they are fun to use and are packaged in a convenient and stylish way. These products will change your daily-care routine and transform it from a mundane process into an enjoyable experience!

I invite you to come to Natans so you can see & try our products firsthand and exchange your views and knowledge about natural cosmetics so you can help me enrich the variety of Natans products based on your individual needs.

You can always see our products by visiting our e-shop at www.natans.gr

I am looking forward to seeing or hearing you soon!



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